Engineering & Operations Management Software

Purpose Built for Utilities

Powerful. Intuitive. Software for office and field workers to plan, perform, and close-out key engineering and operations work - all on a seamless, IT-light platform.

With over 25 years of experience, our knowledgeable team understands the unique challenges of municipal and cooperative utilities.

Powerful Unified E&O Platform.
Affordable Cloud Deployment.
Intuitive. Easy-to-use.

The Meridio Commitment

Join us for a demo and if you don't agree that Meridio's the most powerful, affordable, and easiest to use E&O system, lunch at your next safety meeting is on us!

Meridio's Solutions

 Plan work on the map

Stake in the field

Accurate accounting of job costs

All while tracking your assets in GIS

Our software is built to last and so are our customer relationships.

Why Choose Meridio

Industry Expertise

Our knowledgeable team understands the unique challenges of municipal and cooperative utilities:

- Over 25 years serving utilities
- Dedicated in-house development team
- Setup according to your standards book
- Reporting tools for analysis and regulatory compliance

  • Better Productivity

    Equip office and field users with a platform to plan, work & analyse engineering & operations tickets and orders. Receive real-time visibility into the grid and status updates across all projects:

    - Get more jobs done on budget and on time
    - Eliminate lost tickets & paperwork errors
    - Achieve dramatically improved ticket management and close-out efficiency

Affordable TCO

Reduce the risk and total cost of your technology investment with:

- Unique all-in subscription model that eliminates up-front expenditures
- No 3rd-party license fees
- Easily build and maintain models and maps - no need for GIS specialist

Designed for Utilities

Meridio combines the best of a SaaS’s ease of implementation with responsive, expert support to meet the unique needs of each customer:

- Utility-focused and custom symbology, map views, and data entry forms
- Modular with flexible configuration
- User-friendly tools

Absolute Integration

Built using MultiSpeak standards, all Meridio applications, from Digital Staking to Warehouse Inventory to Mapping, have been tailored to suit utility workflows and seamlessly integrate with all leading 3rd-party systems such as GIS (e.g. AutoCAD, ArcMap), billing and accounting software, AMI, IVR, and "Call Dialer."

Futureproofed Workforce

Today’s utilities are at risk from a loss of grid knowledge & expertise as experienced workers retire - while facing recruitment challenges in today’s tight job markets. Meridio helps utilities capture and share grid knowledge & worker experience while also helping recruitment by showing candidates that your E&O teams are equipped with advanced technologies.


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