Mapping & GIS

Inspect, Build, Maintain, View

Our Mapping workflow covers all areas of your mapping needs, from planning and developing to maintenance and inspection. All team members in the office or out in the field can access the utility network model GIS through these applications.

How it works:

Inspect and accurately survey assets

During inspection patrol you can document your assets using a rugged tablet with uncompromising GPS-accuracy.

Auto-build your map from the collected data

Using Inspector on your rugged device, start to build your GIS from the field.

Easily keep your GIS up-to-date

Work orders and service orders become part of your network map on completion.

All staff can view your network map from anywhere

The browser based applications allow all your staff to be empowered through the map from the office to the field.


Build maps in the field using a rugged handheld device

With our Inspector application your field crew can build new maps, maintain existing ones and manage asset information with GPS accuracy. This data can be instantly uploaded and made available to your office teams.

View updated maps from any location

Allow all relevant staff to view maps from any device including laptops, tablets and smartphones whether in the office or out in the field. These maps are up-to-date and accurate.

Used to using ArcMap or AutoCAD? No problem.

Integrates Meridio Solutions with industry standard GIS platforms, such as ArcMap or AutoCAD, to support staff who wish to continue maintaining and updating their maps from an environment they are accustomed to. 


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