Manage and protect against service interruptions

Caller tracking on a map, along with network tracing, keeps your dispatch staff informed and speeds up power restoration procedures. The system tracks restoration times and causes so you can generate annual reports for regulatory requirements.


Manage network problems better

Product Highlights
  • Integrates with: mail generation postcard system (planned outages), auto-dialers, IVR
  • Outage manages planned and unplanned electrical outages to improve response times and enhance your utility’s service
  • Locates the possible outage area quickly when unplanned outages occur
  • Tracks calls and flags areas affected for dispatch to locate the most likely source of the problem ( likely upstream from areas directly affected )
  • Identifies the source of the problem through intelligent deduction
  • Provides front office and affected customers with status reports
  • Effectively manages the scheduling for preplanned outages to ensure minimal disruptions to your customers
  • Generates a customer list through CIS data downstream from the selected point of maintenance
  • Maintains detailed history and reports for Outage regulatory compliance



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