Service Tickets

Create, Assign, Work, Close, Analyze

Our Service Tickets solution covers all areas of your service tickets needs, from creation and assigning to close-out and analysis. All team members in the office or out in the field can access the details of service tickets.






How it works:

Create a Service Ticket

As a service request comes in, the front line staff is able to easily and quickly create a service ticket in the Meridio system.

Manage and Assign the Ticket

Using the ticket management functionality within Meridio’s “Works” module, easily coordinate assignments and reassignments to the appropriate service technician in the field.

Receive Ticket and Complete Service Work

The technician in the field is able to receive service orders on a mobile device. Once the service work is complete, information is sent back to the office.

Verify, Close, and Analyze

Field completion and in-office verifying and closing is simplified with end-to-end electronic tickets equipped with mandatory fields including pre-set or rules-based entries. Reports and exports are available for easy analysis.



Critical to your teams whose responsibility it is to manage and plan the servicing and growth of your utility network to conform to regulations, ensure safety, and meet the demands of your customers today and far into the future.

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