Construction Work Orders

Plan, Stake, Build


Construction Work Orders allow you to plan, manage, and track new projects from conception to completion. Gain visibility across all departments and easily share with the project team to optimize efficiency and to stay on plan and on budget.

How it works:

Plan on the map

Enter your details from the front office, then send to engineers to plan a design in the Designer application in the office.

stake in the field

Using Field Designer stake the job out in the field for maximum GPS accuracy. Save time and costs by reducing site visits.

accurate warehouse in-and-outs

Reserve parts and flag needed items for restock, all the while keeping your Inventory count precise and accurate.

All while tracking your assets

Track and know all your associated material and labor costs. Make adjustments and stay on track of labor through Time Tracker.

Simplified Close-outs

Close-out is improved through the platform’s simplified processes for updating of maps and from a fully integrated solution that tracks and assigns time and material costs required for accounting reports.



An invaluable pair of tools that allow your planning and staking teams to design new services. Set up using your utility’s standards book, Office Designer will manage the entire process from concept to build while Field Designer supports the staking process in the field.

Critical to your teams whose responsibility it is to manage and plan the servicing and growth of your utility network to conform to regulations, ensure safety, and meet the demands of your customers today and far into the future.

Integrates with Designer and your accounting system to accurately manage the purchasing, receiving, issuing, restocking, and logistics of every inventory part in your system.

A smart electronic replacement for paper-based time and resource tracking sheets. It allows all staff working on a job to track task details and equipment used against the job number.


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